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Our Vision: A World Without Sexual Violence and Child Abuse

We are leading our community beyond sexual violence and child abuse through awareness, advocacy, and action.

Learn how we are helping to prevent sexual violence and child abuse by building awareness about the social and personal costs, risks and effects of interpersonal violence.

    We are promoting a society that is knowledgeable about sexual violence and child abuse in an […]

    We¬†ensure individuals & families receive the support needed to recover from sexual violence & child abuse. […]



    We¬†provide timely and appropriate services to address the immediate concerns following sexual violence and child abuse. […]

    Make a tax-deductible gift today to help eradicate sexual violence and child abuse in our community. […]


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      We are Beyond Abuse

      Beyond Abuse is a 501(c)(3) organization that is working to eradicate sexual violence and child abuse in our community. Our community support is vital, and our partnerships are strong. We are making a difference, thanks to you.

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